Baby Shower Planning Tips

Budget-Friendly Baby Shower


When it comes to life’s biggest events, you don’t get much bigger than the birth of a baby. And so it follows that the shower leading up to this occasion should be appropriately meaningful. Happily, this does not require slaving over a fantastically elaborate spread. To truly honor these new beginnings (and elicit oohs and aahs from your guests), all you need is a little creative vision and a few personal touches.

Choose fun Invitations :

Make your baby-shower invitation into a mock library slip for the mom-to-be’s “Great Expectations.” Write the party details on a vertical index card, stamp the book’s (er, baby’s) due date at the bottom, and mail the card in a coin envelope. (Everything to make this invitation is sold at office-supply stores.)

Decorations & Setup :

Long considered mere filler (and unwanted filler, at that), baby’s breath is strikingly lovely on its own when gathered in a large, airy bunch. Sold at most florist shops, it’s inexpensive and neutral enough to work in any setting. Drop a generous handful into a tall ceramic or glass vase.

Alternative Seating :

If you don’t have a dozen extra chairs lying around (or room to set them up if you do), provide throw pillows or ottomans for the (younger, more limber) guests to sit on. And, if possible, limit the gift-opening portion of the party to one hour or less. Any longer and all guests can start to get antsy.

Double duty Decorations :

To give your shower a garden-party feel, buy small pots of thyme and slip in Popsicle sticks that identify the herb (and, thanks to a play on words, announce the upcoming big day). Bonus: The plants double as party favors.

Personalized Favor Idea :

Block letter stamps turn a stack of blank matchboxes into custom favors. (You can find blank matchboxes and stamps at party-supply websites.) If you wish, make extra for the couple to use at their own parties. And try customizing some paper cocktail napkins, too.

Candy Decorations :

Garnish a baby-shower table with Champagne glasses, each filled with a perfect coupling of jelly-bean flavors (coconut with pineapple, lemon with lime, and cherry with vanilla).

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