Baby Showers

Baby Showers


Along with telling all your loved ones that your family is expecting a new addition, having a baby shower is quite the exciting event. There is a lot of planning involved, including when to do it, where to host the gathering and who to invite, so you're going to need some help.

Ask friends to get involved in this celebration of your new little one. They'll provide assistance with party favor ideas, baby shower game selection, carving a watermelon into a tiny fruit salad baby buggy with orange slice wheels and maybe even writing out invites in beautiful calligraphy.

Make sure to pick a fun color theme and an overall style, like a luau. Give guests notice ahead of time so they can gather coconut bras and grass skirts to wear for the party.

Collaborate with pals on decor ideas like buntings with pictures from your little one's ultrasounds, or cupcakes with baby bootie sprinkles. This day should be about relaxation and fun, so try to do all the planning and prep ahead of time so you can just sit back and bask in that gorgeous pregnancy glow when your shower day comes!

Read on to gain tips like how to plan a onesie decorating station, fun ways to incorporate diapers into your decor (seven tier cake, anyone?) and healthy snacks everyone can enjoy together. Don't forget to create a guest book and have someone write down what gifts you receive so you can thank your wonderful loved ones for their support!

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