Totally Tasteful Baby Shower Games

Totally Tasteful Baby Shower Games


As grown women, we can agree there's really nothing worse than being forced to sniff diapers full of melted chocolate bars, do a blind taste test of baby food, or humiliate our formerly dignified friend by guessing her weight or waist circumference.In the interest of putting an end to bad baby shower games, we've culled some ideas that are tasteful and appropriate and won't have half of your guests plotting their escape. Here's to a shower full of grown-up, humiliation-free fun!

Baby Advice Scrapbook Pages :

Create a special memento for the new mom by having each of her guests contribute to a baby advice scrapbook ($15 for 15 pages). Each page includes a prompt or question to inspire thoughtful responses.

Scrambled Word Game :

Another easy option to give guests as they enter or to leave at their place settings, a new-baby-themed scrambled word game ($30 for 20) sparks conversation and can be completed at guests' leisure — no pressure if they'd prefer to just sit and chat.

Totally Tasteful Baby Shower Games :

Test your guests' pop culture savoir faire with a round of celebrity baby name game ($8 for customized printable PDF). Leave these at each place setting for an easy icebreaker and conversation starter.

I Hope You . . .

Give mom-to-be's nearest and dearest a few minutes to reflect on their hopes and wishes for the new arrival with a round of I hope you . . . ($8 for printable). We love the chic chevron print on these and the idea of looking back on what everyone had to say in a few years.

More Wishes For Baby :

An alternative design for sharing wishes for baby, our free download comes in blue and pink or pink and orange!

Guess Who? :

Integrate everyone into the fun with a game of guess the baby. Ask each attendee to bring a photo of herself as a baby, and display them around the room with clothespins. Offer the guest with the most correct answers a prize (or a cocktail)!

Baby Bucket List :

Baby's first year flies by so quickly, and we love the idea of friends and family offering their suggestions on how to make it special with a baby bucket list. Crafty hostesses can just cover an old paint can in contact paper to coordinate with the shower's aesthetic and pass around small cards for guests to share their input.

Custom Crossword Puzzle :

At a shower with a vintage newsprint theme, guests received cleverly crafted crossword puzzles featuring clues relevant to the family of honor and the year of the baby's birth.

Baby Name Game :

There are several ways to incorporate name-game fun into a baby shower. If the mom- and dad-to-be are ready to make their big reveal here, have friends and family make their best guesses in a guest book or on slips of paper that they throw into a jar.

If the parents-to-be want to wait to share the name until after baby's born, have guests offer up their suggestions (serious or silly) and give the guest of honor the task of delegating superlatives: "least likely," "most likely," "most creative," and "most surprising" would be a few fun ideas.

Baby Shower Bingo :

While opening gifts is a highlight for mom-to-be, it can get a bit tedious for guests to sit through. Baby Shower Bingo ($8 for a printable PDF) makes the event more fun for everyone.

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