Win at Baby Shower Games

Win at Baby Shower Games


Baby showers aren't just about pink bows, little blue onesies, and songs that have the word "baby" in them. These baby shower games go past the corny and dive straight into fun. Chugging apple juice (or wine) out of a bottle, anyone? Oh, baby!

Celebrating Baby Names :

Because if you can't name Yonce's baby, are you really a fan? Match famous minis like Sparrow James Midnight and Summer Rain to their hot Hollywood parents. has you covered with an adorable free download. Just print and play!

pin the onesie on the Baby

Bring the nostalgia of childhood birthday parties back to life in this sweet and simple baby shower game by . Because who isn't entertained by blindfolded friends?

Whwt is in the Bag :

Test your knowledge of baby essentials in this cute guessing game by . Inside each bag is an item for baby that begins with the letter on the bag. Whoever guesses the most right wins. Just remember: no peeking! (A stapler might be handy for those extra-sneaky friends!)

The Price is Right :

Danielle Green, blogger behind and , knows what's up when it comes to calculating baby expenses. Guess the retail prices of items like diapers, pacifiers, and formula to play this unique baby shower game. Each right answer scores a point, and whoever racks up the most wins!

Bottle To bottle

This relay baby shower game from is all about speed. To play, you'll need sprinkles, some tape, and one bottle per person. Fill one bottle with sprinkles, then cover with tape (no nipple), cutting a medium-size hole in it. The remaining players' bottles are empty and taped with the same-size hole. Players must transfer sprinkles from one bottle to the other bottle to win.

Babies Against Partnerhood :

Oh yes, our favorite party game is back and cuter than ever thanks . The gist: The judging player picks up a card with a question or fill-in-the-blank, then you choose the one in your deck that you think is the funniest. Winning secret: It's all about catering your answer to the judge's sense of humor!

Decorate a onesie :

Once you get over the tiny adorableness of these itty-bitty onesies, you can paint one to show your love! uses paper gift bags as both a hanger and a leakproof base inside each one. Genius!

Baby Bingo :

You didn't think we'd forget this classic game, did you? designed these adorable baby shower bingo cards to keep you entertained while mama-to-be is opening presents. Just fill in the blanks with gifts you think she will receive, then mark an X on the square when she unwraps one of your guesses. Get five in a row, and well, you know the drill.

Chop Binky :

Picking up fallen binkies is not always easy with a baby in hand. makes it even more of a challenge, thanks to a handful of wooden chopsticks. First player to pick up a certain number of binkies without using their hands in the given time wins!

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